Old Books Audition Deadline: December 8, 2023.

Old Books started as a short Audio Drama that Jack J Ward wrote for his Wavefront Shorts in an episode called Name Please. The lines are almost identical however this has been modified to be animated, and a few extra characters have been added, along with dialog modified.


Character Julia -- Female, Age 25 to 35. New to area. Lines:

  1. emphasis on Librarian Librarian Derrant I am not here to write a book.
  2. Starting to loose patience No! Mister Librarian, I came to read a book.
  3. No, but our family had a first edition hard cover for generations. I'm new to the area, never been to this library before. Note Recurring role

Character Derrant -- Male/Female Age 60 to 70. Head Librarian Lines

  1. Very unusual... very unusual indeed. This author's flagged Special Notice #37. Have you ever seen this book in our Library?
  2. LONG PAUSE Miss, I've been a Librarian for over forty years and I've never heard of those names or authors.
  3. Will Shakespeare teach me to be a better citizen? Can your Milton show me how to operate the latest i-speaker? Explain to me how this... Pan details the benefits of service?

Character Thargath -- Male/Female Any Age. Controlling non human entity Lines

  1. whispering Would you like a balloon?
  2. Hello Julia, been waiting for you. Note Recurring role


This performance will be volunteer only. However anyone who auditions for one of these roles will be considered for future rolls.


Fill out the Google Form to audition! Questions? email me at info@theanimation.studio